Alpha and Omega series (Briggs)

Next up: “Cry Wolf”, “Hunting Ground”, “Fair Game”, and “Dead Heat” by Patricia Briggs


This series is a spin-off of Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series, reviewed here.  The introduction to this series is actually a short story in “Shifting Shadows”.  That should be read first, to give proper context for “Cry Wolf”.  The series is on-going, with books coming out approximately every other year, staggered with the release of Mercy books.


The main character in this series is Anna Latham, an Omega werewolf.  Omega wolves are very rare and almost revered amongst werewolves, since they have the unique talent of soothing the wolf half of werewolves.  Unfortunately, her previous pack had not gotten that memo; Anna had been abused terribly at their hands and told she was a worthless submissive wolf.  Events unfold in such a way that she meets Charles Cornick, the son of the Marrok– the most powerful werewolf in North America and the leader of all the werewolves on the continent.  They soon fall in love and pair off– both their human halves and their wolves.  Charles takes Anna with him back to the Marrok’s pack, but being members of the Marrok’s pack, and Charles’s position as the Marrok’s enforcer, often put the couple into the path of danger.

Like the Mercy Thompson series, these books are action-adventure mixed with mystery.  Each book has a contained plot, but are tied together with the over-arching plot of Anna and Charles’s lives.  The series shines some light on some of the side characters of the Mercy Thompson series, including Charles, the Marrok Bran, and their pack.

My thoughts

I really liked seeing more of Bran; he’s one of my favorite characters in Briggs’s world.  However, I don’t tend to like the plots as much as those in the Mercy books, with the notable exception of “Fair Game”.  Oh boy, did I love that book!  In some respects, that book has overshadowed the ones that followed it, in both series, because there were some seriously big events that took place, which seemed like they’d have huge impacts on future events.  We haven’t really seen much of that… yet, I hope.  I would really love to see Briggs follow through with it in a big way.

Most of the things that I liked about the Mercy Thompson books are carried over into these.  The writing is much the same between the two series, also, some my (mild) complaints still stand.  With the addition of a little bit of an eye-roll at how quickly Anna and Charles fell in together.  They aren’t soppy, hearts-in-their-eyes in love, thankfully, and their sudden and fast-moving courtship is explained in-story, but it’s a trope that I maybe could have done without.  It isn’t the worst case of insta-love, though, so I am able to overlook it in favor of the exciting, interesting world and stories.


Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.50.09 PM



Anna was abused physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally by her previous pack.  It is discussed in some detail in the books.  Also, there’s talk of suicide.


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