Dune (Herbert)

Next up: “Dune” by Frank Herbert


Be careful when buying this book– I tried to get a new copy to replace my battered hand-me-down version, and it was basically throwing money away.  There was a ‘recent’ reprinting, a mass market paperback that was very obviously intended to be a ‘cheap’ version, by the quality of the paper (or lack there-of).  It was riddled with printing errors, oh my god.  Ink smudges, missing ink, crooked pages, etc.  It was seriously appalling.  So, if you want a copy, check before you buy!

This is a huge series; I’m only going to review the first book.  The others can get… weird.  But the first one is a pillar of scifi.

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Tales of the Otori series (Hearn)

Next up: “Across the Nightingale Floor”, “Grass for His Pillow”, “Brilliance of the Moon”, “Harsh Cry of the Heron”, and “Heaven’s Net is Wide” by Lian Hearn.


Okay, so this series is kind of difficult to rate, because it’s actually grouped into 4 “parts”.  The original trilogy is AtNF, GfHP, and BotM.  The sequel, HCofH, was written with some separation, and was intended to wrap up the series.  HNiW is a prequel to the original trilogy.

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Metro 2033 (Glukhovsky)

Next up: “Metro 2033” by Dmitry Glukhovsky.


This is a Russian post-apocalyptic novel, the first of a series; it is followed by “Metro 2034” and the upcoming “Metro 2035”.  There is also a video game based on the first book, and the third book is rumored to be an expanded novelization of the second video game (Metro: Last Light).  I bought the first game for my husband, who has a lot of interest in Russian things, and then we got the book when we realized the game was based on one.

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