Phoenix and Ashes (Lackey)

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This is actually part of a series (Elemental Masters), but each book works as a standalone.  It’s also a reworking of a fairytale– Cinderella.

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So You Want to Read the Velgarth Series…

Velgarth is the over-arching title of a universe of books by Mercedes Lackey.  There are quite a number of books, some standalone, some in series, set in Lackey’s Heralds of Valdemar ‘verse.  Some of them I found to be better reads than others.  This is, of course, all based on my own opinion, and any of you might have your own thoughts on the subject, but I’m going to go through the different books/series and give a short blurb about how well-received (with me) they were.

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Velgarth Universe (Lackey)

Next up: The Velgarth (Heralds of Valdemar) book universe by Mercedes Lackey


This isn’t exactly one continuous series, but a collection of books and series set in the same world.  This will be a review of that world, and then in my “recommendations” section, I’ve posted a reading guide that goes through the individual books– because I don’t really think all of them are worth it and there are so many; it’s too complicated to include in this review.

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