Silence Fallen (Briggs)

Next up: “Silence Fallen” by Patricia Briggs, a continuation of the Mercy Thompson series.


See the series review for a general summary.  There will probably be series spoilers here, as this is the tenth book and it’s pretty much impossible not to spoil something at this point.

“Silence Fallen” picks up pretty soon after “Fire Touched”.  It shows some of the fallout from the events there-in (mostly how vulnerable and not vulnerable the Tri-Cities pack is now it has been disowned by the Marrok).

My thoughts

I was a little underwhelmed by this one.  It was never boring, exactly, but it did feel a little anti-climactic.  Sometimes I wonder if Briggs wrote herself into something of a corner.  It seems like there are times when a huge stepping-off-point looms in the series, but then the next book takes a step or two back.  The ‘big’ event of the fae withdrawing from the world kind of seemed to fizzle, as they withdrew and then… were withdrawn.  The Marrok disowned Adam and Mercy’s pack, and the potential consequences of this are mentioned a couple times in “Silence Fallen” but through events in the book they seem more like bureaucratic ‘consequences’ that don’t actually mean anything because there are loopholes and work-arounds.

It’s still a fun adventure; like I said, I wasn’t bored reading it.  It just wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be.  To be fair, Briggs probably can’t really let the series’s world explode into war, even though it often seems like it should from the shit that goes down and the forces at play.

Not a bad addition to the series, but not one of the better books either.  I did like the bit of history and legend that got included in the story, by virtue of it taking place in Prague and Mercy’s coyote walker abilities doing their thing.


5/7 stars




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