Did Not Finish 2018 List

I only post full reviews for books that I finish reading, but there are a fair number of books that I start to read and do not finish, for a variety of reasons.  I don’t want to write up full reviews for books I haven’t finished because: 1) I don’t have time for that, and 2) it also seems unfair in a way.  To some extent, how I can justify going off on a book when I haven’t even given it a fair shake?  But on the other hand, there had to have been some reason I didn’t finish it, and isn’t that fact worth something?  Maybe knowing that some people had a hard time getting into a book will spur you to check it out from the library rather than outright buying it, saving you some money (hey, every little bit counts).

So.  Here I am, listing the books that I just couldn’t finish reading in 2018, and why.

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