Yes, greetings!  I am the one behind the wheel of this particular clown car.  Who I am is not really relevant, though what I am perhaps is: I’m currently a graduate student studying plant biological sciences.  I am also an inveterate geek.  This will likely become obvious the more I post.  This way lies nerdery.  Ye be warned.

What I want to do with this blog is to review books, straight and simple.  I will start with a systematic review of the books I currently have on my bookshelves (and there are a lot), and add other books as I read them.  The majority of these books will probably be science fiction or fantasy– my first loves of the book world.  However, I am also a scientist, so there will be reviews of nonfiction books of a scientific sort popping in every once in a while.  There’ll be graphic novels, such as comics and manga (occasionally manhwa), too.

I’m going to review books that I love, books that I hate, and books that were ‘meh.’  I want to be as frank as possible about why I loved or hated those books while still trying not to spoil the whole story, but if spoilers do make an appearance, I will provide warnings so they can be avoided.  Each review will also include a ‘warning’s section at the end, where I’ll try to provide a heads up if the book contains any of the more prevalent ‘triggers’.


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