East (Pattou)

Next up: “East” by Edith Pattou

A retelling of the fairy tale “East of the Sun West of the Moon”, straddling the line between children’s and YA.  There is apparently a sequel in the works.

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Redwall series (Jacques)

Next up: (unfurls a foot-long list) “Redwall”, “Mossflower”, “Mattimeo”, “Mariel of Redwall”, “Salamandastron”, “Martin the Warrior”, “The Bellmaker”, “Outcast of Redwall”, “Pearls of Lutra”, “The Long Patrol”, “Marlfox”, “The Legend of Luke”, “Lord Brocktree”, “Taggerung”, “Triss”, “Loamhedge”, “Rakkety Tam”, “High Rhulain”, “Eulalia!”, “Doomwyte”, “The Sable Queen”, and “The Rogue Crew” by Brian Jacques.

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Do you guys have any idea how important these books are to my childhood?  Of course you don’t, I haven’t told you yet.  Suffice to say, if I ever have a kid, these are going to be some of the first books I read to him/her.  I love them.  I actually haven’t had the chance to read the ones past “Loamhedge”, but the rest of the series are extremely near and dear to my heart.

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The Dragon Chronicles (Fletcher)

Next up: “Dragon’s Milk”, “Flight of the Dragon Kyn”, and “Sign of the Dove” by Susan Fletcher.

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This is a children’s book series, with four books, actually.  I haven’t ever read the fourth; didn’t even know it existed until I sat down to write this review.  I read these when I was a kid, and the fourth book’s copyright date is 2010… the year I graduated college.  So, yeah, missed that one.  This review will be for the first three books, which were published in the early-mid 90s. Continue reading “The Dragon Chronicles (Fletcher)”

Knight’s Wyrd (Doyle and Macdonald)

Next up: “Knight’s Wyrd” by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald.


How about that cover, eh?  Makes it look like a horror story.  It’s not, really, it’s more a sword-and-sorcery/Arthurian knight story.

This is an older book, published in the early 90s, and I don’t think it’s in print anymore, but at last check it’s still available for pretty cheap on Amazon Marketplace. Continue reading “Knight’s Wyrd (Doyle and Macdonald)”

The Dark Is Rising Sequence (Cooper)

Next up: “Over Sea, Under Stone”, “The Dark is Rising”, “Greenwitch”, “The Grey King”, and “Silver on the Tree” by Susan Cooper.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.17.50 AM

A children’s book series of the same kin as The Chronicles of Narnia.  If you’ve seen the movie that was supposedly based on “The Dark is Rising”, then completely scrub that from your mind– the movie adaptation changed a lot of things so it was barely the same story.  The book’s much better.

I actually read “The Dark is Rising” first, though it’s the second in the series.  It didn’t matter much; they deal with different characters.  I liked “The Dark is Rising” better than “Over Sea, Under Stone” though.  I would almost advise people to read it first anyway. Continue reading “The Dark Is Rising Sequence (Cooper)”