The Nightingale (Hannah)

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A book my mom recommended to me.

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Elantris (Sanderson)

Next up: “Elantris” by Brandon Sanderson

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So You Want to Read the Tortall Series…

Tortall is the name of the collection of YA book series by Tamora Pierce, set in the kingdom of Tortall and surrounding nations.  The books are largely sword-and-sorcery adventure novels and feature well-written strong female leads.  Pierce’s growth as an author can be seen if one reads through all the series in chronological order; later books are discernibly stronger than earlier books.  However, since each series builds directly on the one before, the most enjoyment comes from reading all of the Tortall books.  Skipping any might lead to incomplete understanding of the dynamics in further books, and makes the little cameos and such not as meaningful.  I’ll go through each, however, in the order in which they were published (which is the order they should be read).  I have a series review, as well, under my ‘YA reviews’ page. Continue reading “So You Want to Read the Tortall Series…”