Star Wars Republic Commando (Traviss)

Next up: “Hard Contact”, “Triple Zero”, “True Colors”, “Order 66”, and “501st” by Karen Traviss

An unfinished (cancelled) book series set during the Clone Wars era of Star Wars.  The 6th and last book was never published.  Not considered canon.

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The Witcher series (Sapkowski)

Next up: “Blood of Elves”, “Time of Contempt”, “Baptism of Fire”, “The Tower of Swallows”, “The Lady of the Lake”, “Season of Storms”, “The Last Wish”, and “Sword of Destiny” by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The last two books are short story compilations, and SoS is set between a couple of the short stories.

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The Elfhome series (Spencer)

Next up: “Tinker”, “Wolf Who Rules”, “Elfhome”, “Wood Sprites”, and “Project Elfhome” by Wen Spencer

Here’s a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.  Especially the later books, the cover art is hideously bad and not at all accurate to what’s even in the book.  “Tinker” is the least objectionable one.

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