Ice (Durst)

Up next: “Ice” by Sarah Beth Durst

A retelling of the fairy tale “East of the Sun West of the Moon”.  Fair warning, I hated this book, so this review might become a rant.  Also, bad language warning, because I’m livid.

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Tortall Universe (Pierce)

Next up: The Tortall series by Tamora Pierce

Not quite a continuous series but a collection of shorter series all set in the same world.  There are a decent number of books, but I do think it is ‘required’ to read all of them, if you want to fully enjoy the universe as a whole.  A lot of the books build off of each other, and there are some generational things that go on between series.  I have a guide to the universe on my ‘recommendations’ page.

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The Old Kingdom series (Nix)

Next up: “Sabriel”, “Lirael”, “Abhorsen”, “The Creature in the Case”, “Clariel”, “To Hold the Bridge”, and “Goldenhand” by Garth Nix.

“The Creature in the Case” and “To Hold the Bridge” are novellas in two anthologies.  “Clariel” is a prequel, and the other books are the core series.  They all should be read in order of publication (how I’ve listed them).

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