Lock In (Scalzi)

Up next: “Lock In” by John Scalzi

There’s also recently been a second ‘stand alone sequel’ published, that I have not yet read.

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Listening to Music While Reading: A Guide

Do you listen to music while you read, or do you find it distracting?  I’ll share some of the thoughts I have about this personal preference and then share some of the music that I might listen to while burying my nose in a book.

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The Mistborn series (Sanderson)

Next up: “Mistborn” (which was retitled “The Final Empire” at some point I guess??), “The Well of Ascension”, “The Hero of Ages”, “The Alloy of Law”, “Shadows of Self”, and “Bands of Mourning” by Brandon Sanderson

Two inter-related trilogies; Sanderson is planning (at least) one more trilogy in this world.

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