YA Reviews

Books listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

Ahdieh, Renée

Aguirre, Ann and Rachel Caine

Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia

Bardugo, Leigh

Bell, Hilari

  • The Farsala Trilogy (shared with Children’s Reviews)
    • Fall of a Kingdom
    • Rise of a Hero
    • Forging the Sword

Bobet, Leah

Boecker, Virginia

Bow, Erin

Cashore, Kristin

Clare, Cassandra

Clarke, Cassandra Rose

Collins, Suzanne

Dennard, Susan

Duane, Diane

  • Cat Wizards
  • Young Wizards
    • So You Want to Be a Wizard
    • Deep Wizardry
    • High Wizardry
    • A Wizard Abroad
    • The Wizard’s Dilemma
    • A Wizard Alone
    • Wizard’s Holiday
    • Wizards at War
    • A Wizard of Mars
    • Games Wizards Play

Durst, Sarah Beth

Gaughen, A.C.

  • Scarlet
    • Scarlet
    • Lady Thief
    • Lion Heart

Hamilton, Alwyn

Hanley, Victoria

Hilgartner, Beth

Ireland, Justina

Kiernan, Celine

Marillier, Juliet

McCaffrey, Anne

McKinley, Robin

Meyer, Marissa

Nix, Garth

  • The Old Kingdom series
    • Sabriel
    • Lirael
    • Abhorsen
    • The Creature in the Case (in Across the Wall anthology)
    • Clariel (prequel)
    • To Hold the Bridge (in To Hold the Bridge anthology)
    • Goldenhand

Pattou, Edith

  • East (shared with Children’s Reviews)

Pérez, Kristina

Pierce, Meredith Ann

Pierce, Tamora

  • Tortall universe
    • Song of the Lioness Quartet
    • Immortals Quartet
    • Protector of the Small Quartet
    • Tricksters Duology
    • Provost’s Dog Trilogy

Rowell, Rainbow

Sanderson, Brandon