Julie of the Wolves (George)

Next up: “Julie of the Wolves” by Jean Craighead George


A children’s book that’s frequently on reading lists for elementary school curriculums (curricula?).  There are also two sequels, “Julie” and “Julie’s Wolf Pack”.

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The Coldfire Trilogy (Friedman)

Next up: “Black Sun Rising”, “When True Night Falls”, and “Crown of Shadows” by C.S. Friedman

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 1.32.00 PM

These have some pretty awesome cover-art, I gotta say.  I remember picking up the third book at my library when I was younger, thinking ‘oooo this looks cool!’ and then being really upset when I realized it was the last of a trilogy… and the library didn’t have the first two (WHO DOES THAT?!).  This series is in the interesting middle ground between scifi and fantasy.

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The Dragon Chronicles (Fletcher)

Next up: “Dragon’s Milk”, “Flight of the Dragon Kyn”, and “Sign of the Dove” by Susan Fletcher.

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This is a children’s book series, with four books, actually.  I haven’t ever read the fourth; didn’t even know it existed until I sat down to write this review.  I read these when I was a kid, and the fourth book’s copyright date is 2010… the year I graduated college.  So, yeah, missed that one.  This review will be for the first three books, which were published in the early-mid 90s. Continue reading “The Dragon Chronicles (Fletcher)”