Chalice (McKinley)

Next up: “Chalice” by Robin McKinley


Oooh man, you guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to reach McKinley.  I absolutely LOVE her books; any time someone asks me for book recommendations there is always a couple McKinleys on the list.  She doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of series, but she does have one recurring world.  This book, “Chalice”, does not happen to be a part of it.  This is a stand-alone.

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Colors in the Dreamweaver’s Loom duology (Hilgartner)

Next up: “Colors in the Dreamweaver’s Loom” and “The Feast of the Trickster” by Beth Hilgartner

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.14.55 PM

A pair of extremely 80’s fantasy for young adults.  They might be out of print, but an online search for used book sellers finds a lot of copies for sale for pretty cheap.  Libraries with older collections might have them, too.  I first read it ’em in the 90’s at my hometown library.

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